Working closely with companies, communities, and consultants to develop transportation solutions.


BNSF's Economic Development Team can help guide you from initial design to construction completion.

BNSF Railway’s Economic Development team can help you:

  • Select a site for a new facility
  • Expand on an existing site
  • Evaluate transportation options
  • Improve transportation infrastructure
  • Establish rail service
  • Navigate the process

How it Works

BNSF’s team of Economic Development regional managers are here to help facilitate and expedite the development and expansion of your rail-served facility. Choose an option that might work best for you from the list below to learn more:

Build a new facility

1. Contact BNSF
2. Select a site
3. Review operating needs
4. Finalize track design
5. Finalize agreements
6. Construct & inspect track
7. Begin shipping

Expand a current facility

1. Contact BNSF
2. Review operating needs
3. Finalize track designs
4. Finalize agreements
5. Construct & inspect track
6. Begin shipping

Lease track from BNSF

1. Contact BNSF
2. Review operating needs
3. Finalize agreements
4. Begin shipping

To get started, reach out to your BNSF Economic Development Regional Manager.


BNSF offers a wide range of sites available for rapid development including Certified Sites, Logistics Centers and Logistics Parks. If you have another site in mind please contact your BNSF Economic Development Regional Manager.


  • Sites undergo a vigorous review process
  • Ready for development
  • Direct-rail served


  • BNSF-owned business parks
  • Direct rail service
  • Multiple customers handling multiple commodities


  • Warehouse and distribution center developments anchored by BNSF intermodal facilities
  • Available for all intermodal service offerings
  • Provides increased supply chain efficiency, reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint

BNSF Certified Sites, Logistics Parks and Logistics Centers

Contact Us

Because each project is unique, collaboration with your Economic Development regional manager is essential in determining a plan that fits your exact needs.

Territories Map


  Name Contact
North Director Tel: 817-867-6467
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia Tel: 206-625-6355
Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba Tel: 701-280-7200
Central and Eastern Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin Tel: 312-850-5699
Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming Tel: 303-480-6440
Western Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska Tel: 913-551-4148
South Director Tel: 817-307-7250
California Tel: 626-208-6797
Arizona, New Mexico Tel: 623-463-4133
North Texas Tel: 817-867-6526
South Texas, Louisiana Tel: 817-593-4297
Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee Tel: 817-352-3341
Assistant Vice President Tel: 817-867-6385

Unit Train Contacts

Area Name Contact
Director Tel: 817-867-6436
Wind, Pipe, Aggregates Tel: 817-308-3792
Sand, Crude, and Agriculture (All other States) Tel: 913-551-4146
Agriculture (MN, MT, ND, SD, WI) Tel: 817-867-6522
Renewable Fuels , Coal Tel: 817-352-6498