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Door-to-Door Transload

Need a direct line to your destination? BNSF has the network access you need to get your shipment from A to B. With BNSF’s Transload Service, your freight goes into a transload facility, where it is moved from the railcar into a truck (three + per carload) and delivered to its destination.

  • Rail accessibility without a large capital investment
  • Access to numerous value-added services
  • Excellent for companies that do not have a rail line into their facilities but can handle/store large quantities at their facilities
  • Allows customers to obtain the cost convenience of using individual railcar service without having to have a rail served facility


Our network of premier transloaders offers many services including cross docking, storage and forward storing, load consolidation and inventory management.

Find a BNSF premier transloader by using geographic and other criteria.

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There are three pricing options available for transloaders. Select the one that's best for you:

This facility questionnaire gathers the information we need Register your Transload Facility in BNSF's database.

What is a bulk facility?

A bulk facility refers to a facility where dry and liquid products can be transferred from covered hopper cars or tank cars. Products frequently transloaded at bulk facilities include plastic pellets, flour, minerals, cement, acids and ethanol.

What is a warehouse facility?

A warehouse facility is a building with rail unloading capability. Most warehouses specialize in products shipped in boxcars. Some lumber products such as plastic, plywood and particleboard are also transloaded at warehouses.

What is a dimensional facility?

A dimensional facility is used for transloading long products such as lumber, steel, rebar and machinery. The most common railcar types used are flatcars, gondolas and centerbeams.

How do I order an empty car?

To order equipment, logon to our website and request equipment. For assistance, call 888-428-2673.

What is a diversion, and how does it affect me?

A diversion is a customer's request to deliver a railcar to a new destination after the car has left the origin. There is a charge for diversions. For questions or more information about diversions, call 888-428-2673 or 785-676-4866.

I missed a switch. What do I do now?

If a switch gets missed, contact your local operating representative or customer solutions representative (888-428-2673).

How do I trace my car(s)?

To trace equipment, logon to our website. Click on Unit Trace. For assistance, call 888-428-2673.

How do I invoice?

To invoice, logon to our website. From there, choose Request Access. The last choice on that page is for "Applications not listed above". Choose this option and request the eCASH application. For assistance, call 888-428-2673.

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